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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

So, before today, I really didn't know what a blog was, exactly. I would read about them and I sort of knew but felt stupid to ask. Today my friend Michelle mentioned the term and I broke down and asked her. We decided I should have a blog for our move. So here it is.

Now, on to recipe comments...

The chicken so far smells wonderful. More as it develops...
Today I sent in the contract to the moving company. We are officially moving during the last week of January. Wow. This blog will be all about the move, settling in & freaking out. Oh, and I will of course include some recipes.

My latest cookbook obsession is One Potato Two Potato by Roy Finamore. All of the recipes are, you guessed it, potato based. I am still an Atkins devotee but have this strange compulsion to cook potatoes. Tonight's dinner selection from said book is "Chicken with Potatoes, Grandma Style". I will post the recipe tomorrow if it comes out well.


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